Perioscopy Incorporated has introduced a new dental endoscopic system to provide non-surgical treatment for gum disease. For endoscopic visualisation, Perioscopy was searching for a display that best fits their system. Not only should this display be able to deliver exceptional fine and clear images, but it should also be able to provide easy-to-clean advantage in environments where hygiene maintenance is essential.

Display Solution
AG Neovo’s medical grade display, DR-17P, is chosen to be integrated into the dental endoscopic system. Each set of the system is acquired with one unit of DR-17P for real-time video display while dental treatments.
  Top Benefits
NeoV™ Optical Glass not only protects the screen from incidental damages, but also provides easy-to-clean advantage for hygiene maintenance.
Advanced Image Platform™ (AIP) technology enhances image clarity and enables DR-17P to deliver real-time images faithfully.
The DC 24V medical grade power adaptor promises stable image presentation over longer distances.
The modern design with a neat white look fits into the dental clinics and other healthcare environments.
DR-17P is awarded with EN60601-1 and IEC60601-1 medical certificates.

Dental Precision